Focus On: Helping Verbal and Nonverbal Students Communicate

  • Giving Nonverbal Students A Voice At CLL
    Nonverbal Support

    New technologies used in Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) with nonverbal students has provided many more options for Speech and Language Specialists. The ACC Interaction Group was formed a few years ago in response to over half of CLL's 200 students being nonverbal.  The Interaction Group, with the use of electronic speech generating devices,  and other nonverbal strategies, has been instrumental in helping nonverbal students  interact more during cooperative art projects, participate in spelling bees, feel more connected when involved in routine activities, and even have speaking roles in school plays like "The Little Mermaid" and "The Lion King." 

    The AAC Interaction Group has had an impact on nonverbal and verbal students in terms of socializing and forming friendships," said Speech Language Specialist Terese Manalansan MA, CC-SLP.

    "Strengthening interaction between all of our students is an ongoing goals and something we are having greater success with throughout the year," said Ms. Manalansan.     

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