Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Future Foundations Academy (FFA) uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analyisis (ABA). ABA is an evidence based practice based on the science of behavior and learning. It is used to increase positive beahviors and decrease negative behaviors. ABA helps us to identify how behavior works, what impact the environment can have on behavior, and how learning occurs. The goal is to use these principles to generalized the learned behavior to all settings. 

    FFA's ABA instruction is under the supervision of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). 

    When necessary Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) are put into place in order to assist a student with reducing negative and potentially unsafe behaviors. BIP development may include staff and parent interviews, observations of the student, ABC (Antecedent- Behavior- Consequence) data collection, and a functional analysis. Once a BIP is put into place, classroom staff, under the supervision of a BCBA, continue to take and analyze data. BIPs are revised at least once per year, or whenever the need arises. 

    FFA staff receive professional development on various ABA topics throughout the year. Some topics include: antecedent and consequence strategies, verbal behavior, assessements, interventions, and data collection. 

    Parent Involvement: Parent involvement is always encouraged. Home visits can be scheduled to encourage school to home generalization of behavior. A parent training series is held once a year to help educate the parents on the principles of ABA. 

    In addition to ABA, all staff members are certified in non-violent crisis intervention strategies.