Furniture & Accessories - Bid #ESCNJ 17/18-16

Pricing and Vendor Information

Academy Furniture and Supplies - Accessories, Auditorium, Casework, Classroom, Dormitory

Allied Equipment, Inc. - Auditorium, Casework and Classroom

Arcobell - Lounge, Student Desks, Seating and Tables

CID - Clinical/Healthcare, Higher Ed., Lecture Hall Seating, Library, Lounge, Media/Tec.

Columbia Manufacturing - Classroom

Fleetwood Group, Inc. - Classroom, Dormitory, Early Childhood, Media/Technology, Music/The

Hertz Furniture Systems, LLC - Classroom, Higher Ed., Library, Media/Technology, Office

Humanscale Corp. - Clinical/Healthcare, Office, Other

Indiana Furniture Ind's. Inc.- Clinical/Healthcare, Library, Lounge, Media/Technology, Off

Interior Concepts Corporation

Jasper Group - Classroom, Early Childhood, Higher Ed., Library, Lounge, Media/Tech., Off.

Jonti-Craft, Inc. -Early Childhood

Krueger International, Inc. - Classroom, Dormitory, Higher Ed., Lecture Hall Seating, Lib

Lee Distributors - Classroom, Clinical/ Healthcare, Dormitory, Higher Ed.,Lecture Hall Sea

Longo Associates, Inc. - Library

Mitchell Furniture Systems, Inc. - Classroom, Clinical/Healthcare, Dormitory

National Public Seating - Classroom, Music/Theatre

Nickerson Corp., Inc. - Clinical/Healthcare, Dormitory, Lecture Hall Seating, Libr.

Oklahoma Sound - Accessories, Media/Technoiogy, Office Systems, Other

Palmieri Furniture Limited - Library, Office

Paper Clips, Inc. - Classroom, Library, Media/Tech., Office

Paragon Furniture, LP - Classroom, Library, Media/Tech.

ProAcademy Furniture - Casework, Library, Office, Office Systems, Storage

PS Furniture, Inc. - Accessories, Auditorium, Lecture Hall Seating, Lounge, Office, Other

RFS Commercial, Inc. - Accessories, Auditorium, Cafeteria, Casework, Clinical/Healthcare

Sauder Education - Auditorium, Clinical/Healthcare, Dormitory, Higher Ed. Library, Lounge

School Specialty, Inc. - Accessories, Auditorium, Casework, Classroom, Early Childhood

Shuttle Systems, LLC - Auditorium, Cafeteria, Classroom, Higher Ed., Library, Media Tech.

Silver Street, Inc. - Cafeteria, Casework, Classroom, Higher Ed., Library, Lounge, Medi/Te

Smith System Manufacturing - Classroom/Clinical/Healthcare, Higher Ed., Media/Tech.

Steelcase, Inc. - Accessories, Classroom, Clinical/Healthcare, Higher Ed., Lecture Hall

Tenjam - Classroom, Clinical/Healthcare, Early Childhood, Higher Ed., Library, Lounge

Toledo - Casework

Tri-Furniture - Accessories, Cafeteria, Casework, Classroom, Clinical/Healthcare

Troxell - Accessories, Cafeteria, Classroom, Higher Ed., Media/Tech. Office, Office System

Virco, Inc. - Accessories, Cafeteria, Classroom, Early Childhood, Higher Ed., Library,

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