Speech and Language Therapy

  • Speech and Language Therapy

    The Speech and Language Therapy department at the ALC includes eight licensed Speech-Language Specialists that average over 15 years of experience each working with students having developmental disabilities.  Staff members provide services to students with autism and multiple disabilities addressing articulation disorders, social language, expressive and receptive language impairments, auditory processing disorders, motor speech disorders, cognitive impairments and oral motor and feeding concerns.  The goal of the department is to maximize each student’s potential and to enable each student to participate in educational, vocational, community, leisure and family experiences.     

    Students receive services through an individual and/or group therapy model.  Weekly therapeutic lessons are provided within the autism program in an integrative setting to foster generalization opportunities and ensure consistency.   An emphasis is placed on collaborating with other disciplines including behavior analysis, physical education, music, art, occupational  and physical therapy in designing classroom interventions with teachers.  Ongoing staff training workshops on new equipment, e.g. wireless switches, iPad apps, Bluetooth devices, etc. and new techniques are also coordinated by the Speech and Language Therapy staff.

    Within the program, the speech and language specialist identifies, assesses and treats speech and language disorders using a variety of techniques and supports including Applied Behavior Analysis, Verbal Behavior, augmentative and alternative communication supports, assistive technology, visual supports, and therapies for motor speech disorders. Parents are encouraged to collaborate with the Speech and Language program by communicating in the daily journal, observing in the classroom and speech sessions, generalizing emerging skills into the home, and participating in parent conferences and IEP development.  We welcome your involvement.