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Playground Equipment, Site Furnishing, Outdoor Circuit Training - ESCNJ 17/18-20

Bid Term - 7/1/17 - 6/30/18; Extended to 6/30/19; Extended to 6/30/20
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Vendor Contact Information

Vendor Contact Information

- Approved installer - Whirl Construction

Vendor Documentation

Vendor Documentation

Ben Shaffer Recreation, Inc.

Marturano Recreation Company


Bid Award

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Labor Award

Pricing -Ben Shaffer

Ben Shaffer
BCI Burke
Burke - 2018 catalog
Burke - 2018 Price List
Burke - 2019 catalog

Burke - 2019 Price List

EWS by Icon 2018 catalog
EWS by Icon 2018 Price List
EWS by Icon 2019 catalog

EWS by Icon 2019 Price List

Icon 2018 catalog
Icon 2018 Price List
Icon 2019 Price List
Icon Engineered Wood Structures
Icon Trail Series 2018 catalog
Icon Full 2017 Catalog

Kay Park - Site Amenities
Kay Park 2018 catalog
Kay Park 2018 Price Lis
Kay Park 2019 catalog
Kay Park 2019 Price List

Modern Shade
Modern Shade 2018 catalog
Modern Shade 5/1/18 Price List
Modern Shade 2019 Price List
Modern Shade Brochure - 2019
Modern Shade Price List 2017

Percussion Play
Percussion Play 2018 catalog
Percussion Play 2018-2019 Price List
Percussion Play 2019 brochure
Percussion Play 2019 Price List
Sports Play Fitness 2018 catalog/Price List
Sports Play Fitness 2019 Price List
Sports Play Full catalog 2018 - updated 7-2-19

Stern Williams
Stern William 2016 Price List (7-1-18)
Stern Williams Drinking Fountains
Stern Williams Price List
Stern Williams 2019 Price List
Stern Williams Drinking Fountians 2019

Ultra Site
Ultra Site Bark Park 2018 catalog
Ultra Site Bark Park 2018 Price List
Ultra Site Bark Park 2019 Price List

Victor Stanley
Victor Stanley 2018 , V 13.6 Price List
Victor Stanley 2019, V14.3 Price List
Anthro Sites
Sites Collection

Classic Collection
Concourse Collection
Corridor Collection PL5A Bollard
Cycle Centry Collection
Dynasty Collection
Economy Collection
Fiberglass Collection Planters 
Framers Modern Collection
Geometric Collection
Goblet Collection
Greensites Collection
Homestead Collection
Ironsites Collection
Lid and Liner Options
Parsons Collection
Perenne Collection Freesia Bench
Prairie Sites Collection
Production Collection
Protone Collection
Relay Sensor and Service
Reverie Collection Eva Benches and Tables
Steelsites Collection - Bistro Tables and Seats
Steelsites Collection Curved Benches
Steelsites Collection Side Deposit Receptacles
Steelsites RB Collection
Street Sentry Collection - Bollards
Streetsites Collection

Water Well Hydroponics
Water Well Planters 2018 Price List
Water Well Planters 2019 Price List
Waterwell Planters 2018 catalog
Waterwell 2019 Brochure

Pricing - Marturano Recreation
Marturano Recreation Company

Berliner 2017 Catalog
Berliner Price List 2017  
Big Toys
Big Toys - Green Playground Solutions Catalog
Big Toys 2017 Catalog Price List
Big Toys - 2018  
Can-Ice 2017 Catalog
Can-Ice 2017 Price List Sheet  
Cre8Play 2017 Catalog
Cre8Play 2017 Price List  

CFI 2018 Contract Pricing
Custom Fabricated Inc. Contract 2016 Catalog
Custom Fabricated Inc. Contract Pricing 2017  

Dero 2018 Price List Dero 2017 Catalog
Dero 2017 Price List  

Free Notes
Free Notes Harmony Park 2017 Catalog
Free Notes Harmony Price List 2017  

Gametime 2017 Catalog
GameTime 2017 Price List
Game Time 2018 Price List  

Rain Drop
Rain Drop 2018 Price List
Rain Drop 2017 Catalog
Rain Drop 2017 Price List  

RCP Catalog
RCP 2017 Price List
RCP 2018 Price List  

UltraPlay Catalog
UltraPlay Price List 2017 - 12-5-16  

UltraShade Catalog
UltraShade Catalog link  
UltraShade Price List 2017  

UltraShelter Catalog
UltraShade Catalog Link  
UltraShelter Price List - 2017 - 12-21-16
UltraSite 2017 Price List  

Water Odyssey
Water Odyssey Catalog
Water Odyssey Price List 2017
Water Odyssey 2018 Price List