Program Description

  • Robotics Program

    The programs educational and referral components are coordinated by the NuView Adcademy through the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey.  Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care provides the psychiatric and therapeutic components to help students reach the goals of the program. 

    Program Features

    • Individualized education program for each student
    • Positive therapeutic environment for students, including individualized and small group counseling, and mandatory family therapy.
    • A positive behavior management system, reinforcing acceptable behavior.
    • Consistent communication and consultation with local Child Study Team members, interdisciplinarytreatment, team meetings, and close contact with family members.
    • Individualized cognitive interventions for students and bi-weekly behavioral evaluations. 




Academic Program/Offerings

  • Curriculum 

    • Writing/Language Arts
    • Reading
    • English/English Literature
    • Classic Composition Novels
    • Mathematics
    • Pre-Algebra
    • Algebra
    • Basic Geometry
    • Earth/Physical/Life Science
    • U.S. History/World History
    • Government
    • Criminal/Civil Law
    • Physical Education
    • Health Education
    • Art
    • Computer Science
    • School to Career Program
    • Career Education