Parent-Teacher Organization

  •  Piscataway Regional Day School's Parent-Professional Association (PPA) provides information and support to our families and supports the educational programs at the school. Regularly scheduled meetings and special events are conducted throughout the year.

    The PPA -sponsored Fall Dance and Spring Dinner Dance are events that bring together both students and their families and staff and their families for a social evening, complete with food and dancing to our DJ's musical selections.

    The following meetings and events are scheduled for the 2019-2020 School Year:

    • November 1, 2019- ongoing SaveAround Coupon book fundraiser 
    • November 15, 2019 Fall Alumni Dance
    • TBA-  Spring Dinner Dance
    • TBA- Spring Meeting (Entitlement to eligability)

    For more information about the PPA and this years programs contact:

    PPA President, Ms. Allison Marotta, OR

    PPA Vice- President, Ms. Marcia Flood,

Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Parent-Teacher conferences are held two times per year, in November and April. This is a time for parents/guardians to schedule individual conferences with classroom staff, therapists and other school staff. We look forward to this time to discuss your son/daughter's program at PRDS and to collaborate with you on his/her goals and programming.

    Conferences for the 2019-2020 school year will be held on Wednesday, November 13 (afternoon only) and Thursday, November 14 (afternoon or evening). If you are not available for a conference on the scheduled dates, a telephone conference or another meeting time may be scheduled through your son/daughter's classroom teacher.

    Conferences will also be held on Wednesday, April 22 and Thursday, April 23.

    We hope that you can make time to come to school and meet with our staff. We look forward to your participation.


Communication Books

  • All parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to read the Student Communication Book on a daily basis and to communicate with school staff members on your son/daughter's behavior and skills at home. Please also keep us informed about changes in the home that may affect a student's behavior at school. Regular use of the communication book keeps everything in one place-no notes to get lost or forgotten!

Progress Reports

  • Parents/guardians will receive three (3) written reports of student progress. These reports are prepared in December, March and June and mailed to you and to your school district. A shorter Progress Note will be sent in August at the end of the Extended School Year (ESY) Program for students who attended the program.

    The report reflects progress on goals determined at each student's Individualized Education Program Annual Review meeting, hosted yearly by your local school district. Parents/guardians and PRDS staff participate in this meeting (usually held at the school) and assist in developing these goals. Progress on goals will be reflected by a code. If you desire additional information on student progress, you may contact your child's teacher, therapist or Case Manager.