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Children's Specialized Hospital

Partnership with Children's Speacialized Hospital

The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey serves as the educational services provider for students who are patients at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick. ESCNJ administrators and faculty work collaboratively with their respective Children’s Specialized Hospital colleagues to ensure the provision of an effective, high quality educational program.

The CSH Goal

The major goal of the ESCNJ Patient Educational Instruction Program is to address the individualized educational needs of patients at Children’s Specialized Hospital to enable them to keep pace, to the greatest extent possible, with instruction being provided at their resident district school. Carefully planned accommodations and programming are implemented to ameliorate any academic regression students have demonstrated due to the severity of their medical conditions.

The ESCNJ provides an on-site Coordinator/Lead Teacher to provide daily supervision of the activities of ESCNJ faculty and to oversee the implementation of the following program components:

  • Contact with parents/guardians and resident school districts
  • Ongoing communication with Children’s Specialized Hospital staff
  • Participation in educational planning meetings
  • Preparation of detailed progress reports
For additional information, please contact:
Gary Molenaar
ESCNJ Assistant Superintendent for Learning/Educational Services
(732) 777-9848, Ext. 5010