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Home Instruction Services

The ESCNJ provides Home Instruction services using New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) certified and highly qualified teachers, knowledgeable of and experienced with Home Instruction program criteria, for students eligible for Home Instruction services per NJAC 6A:16-10 as follows:
"A student, whether a general education student in kindergarten through grade 12 or special education student age three to 21, when the the student is confined to the home or another out-of-school setting due to a temporary or chronic health condition or a need for treatment that precludes participation in their usual education setting, may receive Home Instruction services."

Please Note: Instruction may be provided for up to 60 calendar days in a school year. This period may be extended via referral according to N.J.A.C. 6A:14 for determination by the child study team of eligibility for special education and related services.

Servicing Students with Disabilities

A classified student may have his or her Individualized Education Program implemented through one to one instruction at home or in another setting when no other program option is appropriate.

Instruction is provided for no fewer that ten (10) hours per week.

Instruction is available for students confined to a hospital, convalescent home or other medical institution.

Program Criteria

  • Instruction will be provided at the student's residence, place of confinement or another appropriate setting.
  • Instruction will be provided by a NJDOE certified and highly qualified teachers upon approval by the ESCNJ Board of Directors.  
  • Students who are unable to attend their regular classes due to administrative action.
  • Students are carried on an individual Home Instruction register which generates state aid to the district.
  • Programs provided meet the requirements of the District Board of Education for promotion and graduation and minimum time requirements determined by the State Board of Education.
  • Instruction begins within seven calendar days after eligibility has been determined.
  • Instruction is provided for a minimum of five (5) hours per week in no fewer than three (3) visits on at least three (3) separate days, for general education students.

Superior Faculty

  • ESCNJ faculty members are NJDOE certified and highly qualified, knowledgeable of and experienced with Home Instruction program criteria.
  • Faculty members are selected for employment based on their experience, professionalism, and ability to  complete assignments in a timely manner.

Home Instruction Request Form

Once completed, please email the form to the Home Instruction Coordinator, Ms. Liz Herrera at

ESCNJ-trained consultants are available to work with students whose primary language is not English.

For additional information, please contact: Home Instruction Coordinator Ms. Liz Herrera, 732- 777-9848, Ext. 3100, or