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Public Transportation



Given the Sayreville storefront’s close proximity to  the New Jersey Transit, there are numerous opportunities  for PAL students to gain competence in understanding schedules,  purchasing tickets, traveling to different locations, and using other public transportation options. Greater awareness of  safe practices when crossing streets, understanding traffic signals, interpreting signage accurately, and recognizing potentially unsafe situations is also included.

The PAL program, at 95 Main St. in Sayreville, is an initiative to prepare students who have completed their high school academic requirements for independent living, rather than confining them to classrooms after their peers have graduated and moved on.


A life skills day program, students meet daily at 95 Main St., in the heart of the Sayreville business community. Supervised by state  certified Structured Learning Experience (SLE) staff,  PAL students walk or use public transportation to engage in individual and group job sampling opportunities, shop for food and clothing, and return to 95 Main St to prepare meals, clean, and learn safe practices for operating household equipment and appliances.


Learn more about this bridge program to independent living, by contacting Supervisor of Community-based Instruction Denise Geddis at, or 732-777-9848 Ext. 6690 for further information.

Video of PAL students beginning the day at 95 Main Street in Sayreville, interpreting signage walking in the community, and traveling on NJ Transit.