How Pathways to Adult living can Help

  • PAL Program The Pathways to Adult Living (PAL) program is designed to ensure a successful transition to independent living for 18-21 year-old students. Coordinated by ESCNJ, the PAL program is open to students who have completed their high school academic requirements. Vocational training opportunities, as a result of the ESCNJ’s relationships with established businesses and community agencies, and accessing public transportation options, are significant parts of the PAL program. PAL students meet daily in an office space in Sayreville that was renovated to meet the programs needs.

    Supervised by state certified Structured Learning Experience (SLE) staff, PAL students participate in activities focused on reinforcing independent living skills including meal preparation, house cleaning, minor repair work, and safe use of household equipment and appliances.  The PAL program also helps students strengthen their behavior management skills.


PAL Headlines

Support for Parents/Guardians

  • The ESCNJ offers PAL students and their families support and guidance when interacting with adult service providers including the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS), and the Social Security Administration.