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Science Week - Hour of Code

Students at CLL participate in "Hour of Code" 

The hour of code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming.  The "hour-of-code" generally takes place during Computer Science Week.  Here are just a few examples of what CLL Students did for an "Hour-of-Code" activity.



  A-30 Students took turns making a sequence of scripts and actions between astronauts in space.


C-20  c20

Students from the C-20 classroom showed off their computer skills making their "Own Kodable Mazes".   Students first learned basic programming concepts, then made Kodable Mazes.


a50  a50  a50  

In the A-50 classroom students followed directions to "Code a Dance Party" Featuring the musical talent of Katy Perry, Madonna, J.Balvin, Keith Urban and more.  Students selected dance moves and music then danced the routine they created.



a40  a40   a40


A-40 students had a blast learning about coding.  Each student took turns on the Smart TV adding accessories to a monster using code or play a game.  The students practiced taking turns and helping their peers.



 C-10 classroom played the game "Candy Quest and Barbie" Students had to move the directions into a chain to get the characters to move or play music.



 A-60 Students learn to sequence and understand conditonal (if then else) programming.