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History of Dance

History of Dance was this year's spring concert theme.  Music teacher, Steven Braun orchestrated this musical event capturing the various types of music and dances from past to present.   


Some of the musical performances included; 


2019 Concert  2019 Concert   2019 Concert


2019 Concert  2019 Concert  2019 Concert

D30 and C20 "Ready for a Good Time"  Singers and Dancers

2019 Concert  2019 concert  

D50 "Never Ending Waltz" Streamer Team and D60 "Boogie Walk" Dancers

2019 Concert  2019 concert  2019 concert


C60 "Bela Kawe" Maracas Band and C40 "U Can't Touch this" Shape Drummers

2019 concert  2019 concert  


 2019 concert   2019 concert


2019 concert  2019 concert


C10 and C30 "You Should be Dancing" Boomwhacker Band

2019 concert  2019 concert


C50 "Conga" Tambourine Band

2019 concert  2019 concert


A10 and A40 "Boogie Wonderland" Drummers

2019 concert  2019 concert


2019 concert  2019 concert

A50 "Splish Splash" Singers and Dancers


2019 concert  2019 concert


A20 "You Should be Dancing" Bucket Band

"2019 concert   2019 concert

B60 "Conga" Tambourine Band