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BHSM - Facilitating Language Growth Through Play

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM).  This year our speech department wanted to have a day of fun, incorporating learning with the students through interactive leisure activities.  Six game stations were set up, each geared toward modeling skills such as: following directions, problem solving, vocabulary building, social skills, communications skills, articulation skills, as well as conversation skills.

Here are just a few of those game stations:


"Snakes and Ladders"

 Students used their communication devices and core boards to follow directions, while building vocabulary and communications skills.

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"Fishing Game"

 Students learned how to say words and identify common objects as they fished for words from the "word pool".  Their communication was also facilitated using a core board.

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"Pretend Theatre"

Community helper puppets were used for conversation skills and pretend play.



"Polly Spots"

Students learned how to say longer sentences and grammer by hoping on one spot to the other.

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A communication system was projected on the smart board to teach colors and other vocabulary words.  Students also learned to follow directions and take turns while playing the game.



"Escape Room"

Students had to answer a series of questions to receive a puzzle piece.  Once the puzzle piece was put together, a code was revealed which helped the students unlock the code to open the room.



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