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'Aladdin' Comes To CLL

In celebration of "Better Hearing and Speech Month" the CLL speech department organizes special activities every year to showcase the skills of our students.  We have had so much success from last year's production of the "Lion King" and "The Little Mermaid", that we wanted to organize another musical to promote interactions between our verbal and non-verbal students (who use communicable systems). 

This year the student's presented "Aladdin". This year was extra special because each participant went through auditions and chose and tried out for their respective parts.  We have seen so much growth in our students that some of them who participated last year using their communication systems were now speaking their lines in this year's play!  Truly a great way to showcase our students' progress in all their communication skills! 

It was a proud moment for all the teachers, CLL administrators, CLL families and especially the great team of speech therapists that worked hard with the students all year long.  A production worthy of another standing ovation!




Let's meet the cast from the Red and Orange Communities:


Aladdin                                                            Abu                                                           Iago


 Jafar                                                              Razoul                                                          Prince Baba of Ganoush


Princess Jasmine                                            Baker                                                         Magic Carpet


Genie                                                              Sultan

Welcome to Agrabah, City of Enchantment!  Where every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail. The big day is here, and you're all just in time to join the festival. This is the day when we finally find out who Princess Jasmine's future husband will be. 





Aladdin Cast from the Blue and Green Communities:


Aladdin                                                         Jafar                                                              Iago


  Abu                                                            Genie                                                           Magic Carpet


  Razoul                                                    Prince formerly known as "The Artist"          Princess Jasmine


 Baker                                                           Guards 






We had a great turnout of family and friends. Principal Mary Beth Conley acknowledges the faculty and students for an amazing production.


 Congratulations to our Speech Department who were instrumental in putting together these amazing performances that really show cased our students talent.