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Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act Self-Determination Grade

Effective September 1, 2013, each school in the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey will have an Anti-Bullying Specialist and a School Climate Team to assist the school in the successful execution of the ESCNJ's harassment, intimidation, and bullying policy.  The Anti-Bullying Specialist and the School Climate Team work to ensure a safe learning environment within the school setting and to foster a positive school climate.  

The Anti-Bullying District Coordinator for ESCNJ is Assistant Superintendent Gary Molenaar. Our Anti-Bullying Specialist at the Center for Lifelong Learning is, Antoinette Nicholasi.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the harrassment, intimidation, and bullying policy, you may contact Antoinette Nicholasi via phone at (732) 727-3736 or via e-mail

School Climate Team Members:

  • Mary Beth Conley, Principal         
  • Antoinette Nicholasi, Case Manager
  • Nicole Axelrod, Teacher               
  • Lisa Burger, Art Teacher               
  • Marissa Silvestri, Teacher            

See the link below to view our Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act Self-Determination Grades
Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act Self-Determination Grades