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ESCNJ Digital Divide Solutions Center

Across New Jersey school districts are preparing for another academic year of hybrid instruction in response to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) has solutions and services that can help districts by closing the Digital Divide, and ensuring that every student has personal device access and internet connectivity.


      • Internet Connectivity-New Jersey Digital Learning and Assessment Program (NJDRLAP) has been the leading provider of high-speed Internet access to schools.


        • On-Campus Internet-Schools can sign up for today for upgraded bandwidth this fall through one of our pre-approved vendors.


        • At-Home Connectivity-Districts can purchase secure access from pre-approved ESCNJ providers with special rates for NJ Students.


          • Student WiFi-Available through certain providers, offering hotspots in the tri-state area for school customers.
          • Residential broadband-NJDRLAP cable providers offer special rates for students and teachers to connect at home.


        • Mobile Networking-Innovative voice, video and data apps are helping students and teachers communicate on the go.



      • Cybersecurity-Leader in safe and secure educational technology.


    • Quality Instruction- Provider of services for effective school and at home remote instruction.


      • Applications-Co-op has a library of digital learning software and solutions.
        • Virtual Learning Platforms
        • Digital Streaming Systems
        • Learning Management Systems


      • Content-Vendor relations provide instructional content and digital curriculum
        • Online courses
        • Digital practice
        • Content libraries


      • Professional Development-Relations with professional development groups to provide technology assistance to teachers and administrators.