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ESCNJ Presentation at Techspo '19

Techspo  '19 Presentation BBLC's Techspo '19 Presentation on Improving

Students Social Skills Using SiLAS

     How do schools provide special needs students the social skills required to navigate their home, school, community, and workplace?  Blending technology, such as SiLAS, that reflect real life social situations, resonates well with this generation of students. 

 The presentation provided attendees a brief overview of how SiLAS has helped students gain social skills that are necessary in all environments.  An overview of the research supports the use of computer programs for teaching social skills.  Information on avatars and facial/emotional recognition as they apply to social skills was discussed, as well as the technology needed to implement the program.  The session included hands-on experience with the SiLAS Technology.


BBLC Presenters: Cindy Borell, Supervisor; Nicole Cornely,Teacher, Marisa Martin-Vargo,Speech Therapist

SiLAS Presenters: Bernadette Mullen, Curriculum Developer and Chris Dudick, Founder

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