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PAL Students at Rutgers "Pet Care" Day

Preparing PAL Treats  PAL Treats Made for Rutgers Pet Care Day

PAL students baked their popular “PAL Treats,” and sold them at the first Rutgers Pet Care School Day at Cook Campus in New Brunswick. PAL students also took part in two workshops, sharing how they cook, package and sell the dog biscuits for $2 a bag.

“One element of our program is to be entrepreneurial,” said
PAL Teacher Marci Rubin, adding that students have sold well
over 1,000 bags to date.

“This kind of experience helps students gain exposure to
the skills needed to run a business, and bring a product to
market,” said Ms. Rubin.

Students mix flour and eggs for dough, add chicken or
bacon bits for extra flavor, and use cookie cutters shaped
like dog bones, to make the treats. Over a dozen PAL Treats,
placed on baking pans, are cooked 15 minutes in a preheated
oven, cooled, then packed in a professionally designed
PAL Treats bag.

“The process helps students build their capacity to collaborate,
follow instructions, operate equipment safely, and other
required life skills,” said Ms. Rubin.PAL Program

The PAL program is designed to facilitate a successful transition
to independent living for 18-21 year-olds who have
completed their high school requirements. For additional 
information, please contact Supervisor Raissa Prus, M.A., SLE/at 732-777-9848 Ext. 6690,