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New DDD Provider Search Database Available

 A searchable online database of providers of DDD-funded services and supports is now open and available for use at  The Provider Search Database enables users to search for all types of providers by a number of different criteria, including provider name, location, and service. 

Parents will now have access to once difficult to locate lists of service providers for adults with developmental disabilities, including day habilitation programs, adult training programs, and support coordination agencies.  To access a list of programs, follow these four steps after signing into the database:

(1) under Filter, select "Service" and check the service you want to locate (day habilitation, adult training, service coordinator, etc.);

(2) select "Medicaid Approved" by checking the box (only Medicaid approved providers can receive DDD funding);

(3) select "County Served" and check the county in which the individual resides;

(4) click the magnifying glass to conduct the search.

This is a very valuable resource for families, especially those who have a family member that will soon be transitioning out of school at age 21 and moving into the adult services model.  We strongly encourage families to take a look at the list of day habilitation programs and adult training programs in their county, and find out more information about the services that they might be able to provide.  Parents are encouraged to visit those programs that they feel may be appropriate for their family member.  It's never too early to start this process and early legwork will generally make for a more seamless transition after graduation.