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New Nature Trail Completed

Nature Trail Coordinated By Monroe High School Student

The construction of a  Nature Trail on school property behind our facility was conceived of and managed by Greg Braun, a Monroe High School junior. Greg happened to read an article about ALC in which a student mentioned how much he enjoyed outdoor activities. 

The story inspired Greg to approach ALC Principal Dr. Erik Solberg to see about constructing a  Nature Trail as a way of demonstrating his leadership skills, a requirement in his pursuit of becoming an Eagle Scout.  Within a year, Greg’s leadership skills resulted in  a wheelchair accessible Nature Trail for student and community use.  Many thanks to Greg, ALC Faculty Advisors:  Ms. Janice Lee and Mr. Nicholas Richardella, additional ALC staff and PTO members and Greg's parents. A special thanks to ESCNJ's  Mr. Lou DiMeglio and Mr. John Howard.